We believe in adopting a human-centred design approach to innovation using a range of processes, including design sprints, to help our clients find answers to challenging problems. They help develop new ideas, gain insights from people and answer critical questions.

By thinking through these broader questions, we can improve the brand experience and session-by-session interaction while building lifetime customer and brand value. When it comes to bringing these new products and services to market, we will work with you to help define the roadmap, design the experience, and establish technology solutions for both the short-term advantage as well as long-term success.

We develop new products, services and ventures, from launching events to designing learning programs.

Program Design

Knowing that it takes good identification of a problem to design a program that solves for it, we develop programs anchored in research, stakeholder interviews, iterative design, and testing.

Learning and Capability Building

Capability building gives your team the skills and capabilities to deliver effective learning. Our collaborators specialise in learning strategy and design for impact measurement.

Print and Publishing

We conceptualise and design physical products on materials including paper, plastic, or cloth material in service of the experience we’re activating together.

Event Design & Activation

Spatial activations are creative, immersive expressions of your organisation’s brand to your desired audiences. They create a moment or a series of moments that bring your brand alive.

DrawHistory’s approach to Experiential

Define and ideate

We’ll kick off our work together by defining the problem at hand, building a shared vision for success, and collaborating to create ambitious ideas for our roadmap forward.

Vote on ideas

To make sure that we end up with the best experience, we’ll facilitate collaborative workshops to generate a vast range of imaginative ideas and vote on the best ones to take forward.

Marketing and activations

We’ll develop a clear strategy for your experience, starting with key moments and activations and followed by building out a clear marketing plan and narrative in service of those moments.

Ongoing management

With an established event or program in place, we’ll maintain momentum of your experience by ensuring that everything proceeds smoothly, ideating future changes, and more.

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